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What is the 6 Week Nutrition Reset?

Life has been challenging over the last 4 months and most of us have had a lot of changes to our routines. It’s harder to stay connected to friends and family, we are spending more time at home because we are having to work from home, and access to our normal social gathering places has either been shut down or significantly altered. Staying healthy is more challenging than ever but I would like to employ you to focus on what you can control, your nutrition. At Nutrition1st we have a program specifically designed for small groups and small businesses. It’s called our 6 six week nutrition reset and we specifically designed it for small groups for several reasons. We know how important community is and focusing on a shared goal can really unite people. When 10 or 20 people commit to improving their health, they can all help each other be accountable. When everyone is getting healthier it will improve their productivity, energy and efficiency. The program is designed for a 6 week time frame and it can be started whenever works best for your group.

This is how it works. First we have a kick off meeting that can be done through zoom and recorded for people in case they can’t watch and participate. In this meeting we explain how the nutrition challenge works as well as how we will share information with everyone through email and a google drive. We use a container method to measure food and a comprehensive food list to guide everyone to the healthiest foods. There are weekly emails with tips on how to build healthy habits as well as focus points for the week. We also use a private Facebook page to help with accountability, share ideas, and improve consistency. We are always available for questions through phone, text or email and the FB community is a great platform to share questions, tips and triumphs.

- Have you tried to lose weight 4 or 5 different times with no long term success?

- Have tried different weight loss programs but still can’t keep the weight off.

It’s time to learn healthy habits that you can sustain and make a lifestyle.

It’s time for a nutrition reset to get your health on track!

Do you think your office, a small group of friends or your family would benefit from a 6 week nutrition reset? If so, go to our website and read through the Q and A page on the reset. If you still have questions, set up a FREE call with us to discuss all the details and get started on your nutrition reset!

Talk to you soon, Brant

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