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Brant is the CEO and founder of Nutrition1st, a nutrition coaching company with the ambitious mission of helping people transform their lives through nutrition and the innerwork of self development. Brant grew up playing sports and went to college on a tennis scholarship. Traveling for tennis and eating fast food for days in a row lead to curiosity about how important nutrition is for performance. Brant finished school at the University of Kansas and became an occupational therapist and certified hand and upper extremity specialist. As he continued his athletic endeavors that included finishing in the top 500 in the world at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships and then competing in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race he found CrossFit. Brant immediately knew this was a way to combine his education in movement with helping people live healthier, fuller lives. He started running nutrition challenges at his gym and this lead to furthering his nutrition education through Precision Nutrition. After being a nutrition coach for the last 4 years and seeing the impact nutrition has on people’s lives he knew it was time to reach more people than just his local community. Brant’s goal now is to help 1000s of people improve their knowledge and relationship with food so they can live a healthy and confident life. Brant loves to help people in both his job as an OT and as a nutrition coach but when he is not working he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and 3 teenagers and attending all their sporting and theatre events. He enjoys reading, writing, playing golf, CrossFit, triathlons and generally staying active. He also enjoys cooking for his family and friends.

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