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We all have commitment issues...

We have all been there, we want to make a change, we know we need to make a change BUT we are at that moment in life where we have to truly commit. Let’s face it, some of us have commitment issues. When it comes to making a major change in your life, to some extent we all have commitment issues. It takes a commitment to make a major change in your life and that can be scary. All the thoughts run through your head of how hard it’s going to be, what is it going to be like, and can I even do it? Those are all valid questions that will be answered in the process but as coaches we are here to make it as easy as possible.

So here is the question we get a lot, "why do you ask for at least a 3 month commitment?" There are several reasons for this but the two most important reasons both have to do with change.

  1. Change can only happen once you are aware of your current habits and lifestyle. So what you want to change is clearly and objectively defined.

  2. Effective and long term change has to happen slowly over several months if not years. I know that sounds like a long time but you didn’t develop those habits in a few weeks or even a few months, they were developed over years and decades.

Another way to put it is we have to know where you are starting from to facilitate change and long term change takes time. To know where you’re starting from requires a little prep work. We get to know you through a questionnaire and initial meeting but we also need to know where your body is starting from by using different biomarkers, body scans, and visual assessments. All these things tell us how you got to this point and give us ideas on the most efficient way to help you achieve your goals. We also know that long term change requires time for the behaviors to develop into habits. Let’s face it you didn’t develop these habits and get to the point you are at in a few weeks or even a few months so is asking for a minimum of 3 months really asking a lot?

Long-term, actionable behavior changes in your lifestyle centered around your nutrition that start to produce physical and mental changes is a serious commitment, However, most of our clients continue after 3 months because they are starting to see the enormous benefits and how the process works. They start to see all the added intangibles of the deep inner work they are doing through their coaching at Nutrition1st.

This is how we look at the difference in our packages and why we reward you by reducing the monthly rate the longer you commit. We talked about how 3 months gives us just enough time to figure out how you got to this point and start on a plan based around long term behavior change. When we get into the 6 month package, this is where our coaching is way more than just addressing someone's nutritional habits. Now we are talking about and addressing the 4 pillars of health which are stress and sleep, relationships, movement/exercise, and of course nutrition and how it interacts with all of these pillars. As all these aspects get addressed with our coaching, nutrition becomes paramount because your hormones are in balance from the stress reduction and your body composition is improving because you are not only losing weight you are adding muscle. All of these things are encompassed in our social life with the relationships we have that either give us support and positive feedback or that we are finding detrimental to our health and the lifestyle we want to live.

When you commit for a year, this is where we really dig into making significant behavior change that will become your new lifestyle. When we go through all the seasons of the year and the holidays that accompany them, we can target specific events and devise strategies that you can use every year in your new lifestyle.

Examples of long term goals from our past clients include training for a specific race or athletic event, going through the major holiday seasons and then transitioning into spring and summer, class reunions and the biggest one, a wedding. Those are typically planned 1 to 2 years in advance and everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day!

The bottom line is anybody we work with for any amount of time is going to discover how to reflect on their relationship with food and how it touches all the different aspects of their life. Yes, we are a nutrition coaching company but we are going to challenge you to do some deep inner work and really discover your true potential in life. Time is absolute and definitely not infinite so committing a small fraction of the time you have to making life long changes is an investment in yourself. Squeeze every drop out of the one life you have by believing in yourself and investing in your future. We would be privileged to guide you on that journey but you have to make the first step! Get signed up for a free call and stop wasting your time!

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