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Time to Travel: How to Pack Your Identity!

The world is opening back up...we are ALMOST Green! What does that mean? We can travel again without restrictions. Whether you travel on a weekly basis for work (or you used to) or if you make the occasional trip for fun, the #1 priority is to pack your identity and take it with you. Eating healthy is not an occasional thing or something you do when it's the most convenient situation, it has to be a lifestyle and part of who you are. When you pack who you are, your identity, and take it with you, it will mean something. It will mean that is the lifestyle you live no matter where you are. It will be slightly different for everyone depending on your goals but ultimately it follows the same principles. These principles exist no matter where you are and will help you maintain integrity with your goals. Here are some tips for your next trip:

  1. Prioritize nutrition and movement on your trip! This can look different for everyone depending on your goals and will require some planning but this discipline of planning will give you more freedom on your trip.

    1. How is your day going to look? Where are you going to get your food from if you don’t already have it ready? Is your trip going to be sedentary OR are you going to be moving around town all day?

  2. Have fresh food available: Research where the closest grocery stores are to where you are staying. You can either order groceries to pick up from there or have them delivered once you're there. This will give you options of healthy snacks, healthy grocery store fast food, and allow you to cook a lot of your meals so you don't have to eat out all the time.

    1. What foods or supplements can you pack and take with you? Jerky, bars, protein powders, nut mixes, trail mixes, etc..

  3. Research the menu of the restaurant you are going to eat out at: This will give you the ability to plan out your day of eating ahead of time in preparation of the meal you are going to be eating that evening. If you are going to an italian restaurant, limit your carbs at breakfast and lunch so you can enjoy some pasta and bread for dinner.

  4. Eat less to enjoy more: You don't need to eat 3-4 times a day. 2 meals a day is plenty. Skip breakfast and have a big brunch then enjoy a delicious dinner. You will not only feel better because you haven't eaten too much, you will have more time to enjoy your trip or get work done.

  5. Moving everyday should be a priority: This can look different for everyone. Exercise can mean that you walk anywhere that is within 2 miles of where you are staying, it can be a 20 minute workout in the hotel gym first thing in the morning or it could be dropping in to a CrossFit gym. The point is to make time to move most days, if not everyday and you will feel better all day.

These are some basic principles of how to travel and maintain your healthy lifestyle but the exact strategies will vary for everyone. The final thing I will say about any plan you

are trying to execute so you can live a healthy lifestyle is to review and reflect. When you are traveling home on the plane write out how your plan for the trip went. What worked for you and what did you struggle with that you can improve on the next time? Just like anything it will get easier each time you travel and take less mental and physical energy. Don't be too hard on yourself, just strive to be better the next time. Having someone to help you with this process can be invaluable and this is where a nutrition coach can help you design a specific plan for your lifestyle and travel plans.

To summarize: Plan ahead so you are prepared, prioritize nutrition and movement, and let discipline give you freedom on your trip. Happy Travels!

~Coach Brant

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