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I'm Afraid of Commitment...

I get it, another relationship to maintain and you know it’s going to last at least 3 months...maybe a lot longer. You had anxiety deciding which new fish you were going to get at Petsmart. All joking aside, Yes we ask for at least a three month commitment at nutrition1st. Let’s take a common scenario I have had many clients describe to me before they started working with us.

You decide you're going to make a change! Great, this always has to be the first step. You want to lose weight, improve your cholesterol, see some abs, and run a 10k in the next 8 weeks. First you empty out your pantry and fridge of any food that isn’t whole and unprocessed, then you go to the store and buy only whole foods so you can start eating healthy. A few days go by and you are doing great, you are going for runs at 5:30am everyday and only eating salads, lean meats and healthy fats. Then you get invited to a friends house on Friday night. There is lots of good food, good times, and drinks. Saturday afternoon is your niece's birthday party. Family traditional foods, homemade cake and more drinks. By the time Sunday hits you have no more willpower and you don’t have the energy to go shopping much less running. You beat yourself up because you couldn’t stick with this new lifestyle and fall back into your comfortable habits. Does this sound familiar? Why is it so common? For one major reason...Change has to happen slowly over time if you want it to be lasting. This is not just what I think, it is proven science that making more than 2 changes at a time leads to a 70% drop off in at least one of those changes.

Those aren’t very good odds but when we don’t have any guidance on the change we are trying to make, we just think more is better and bigger is better. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Small changes over time and especially stacking those new behaviors on to existing good habits, that is when you can make lasting changes.

At Nutrition1st we are focused on sustainability and long-term success. That’s why we ask for at least a 3 month commitment and our average client works with us for 6+ months. When you are finished with us, we want you to have the skills and tools necessary to be in charge of your own nutrition and health. We want you to know what you need to do in social situations that revolve around food like BBQs, birthday parties, and family get-togethers. We want you to be confident making decisions at the grocery store, at restaurants, and ultimately know nutritionally what works best for you.

These kinds of habits and skills are not developed in a matter of days or weeks but over months. You need time to test strategies and figure out what works best for you when you are traveling for work, when you go on family vacations and even what changes for you when it’s a weekday versus a weekend. Eating healthy is a practice and that practice takes time to learn and perfect.

If you are serious about making a change because you want a different future, a healthier, leaner, and more vital you, then 3 months or 6 months or even a year is just a blip of time in your life but it will give you so much more out of your life. It’s an investment in future you! If you are ready to make that investment, let’s talk so we can get started. Go to our website and sign up for our free zoom consultation. Take that first step so you get started on becoming the healthiest version of you.

~Coach Brant

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