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Are you doing the right things to achieve your goals?

How close have you been before to making a meaningful change and then you gave up? How could you have known? Did you know where you were starting from and have objective measurements along the way?

These are all questions we have thought about and measure at consistent intervals with all our clients at Nutrition1st. We believe you can’t make a meaningful change in your behaviors without knowing how you got there and where you started. You need objective information that shows you exactly where you're at so you can determine where you want to go. Setting up these points is critical to efficiently guiding your behavior change and that equals fast results without wasting time.

So how do you measure the changes that are occurring from the actions you have been taking? This process can look different for everyone and to do it effectively you need an objective outside opinion. That is where a nutrition coach can be invaluable. We don’t want this process to be overly challenging or cause undue psychological stress BUT we want it to be effective.

It can be as simple as weighing yourself 3x a week so we get an average of your weight for the week. Even more simple and not intimidating is monitoring how your clothes fit. Did you go down a notch in your favorite belt or do your favorite jeans fall off without your belt?

If you are looking for precision then we go to a bioimpedance scale called an Inbody scanner to get your body fat percentage, muscle percentage, and calculate lean mass. This gives us a true picture of your body composition and a starting point to measure future scans against. That’s how progress can be plotted over time and corrections can be made by your coach to catapult you towards your goals.

Ultimately It’s up to you! Your coach will tell you their opinion and give you the information you need to decide what aligns with your goals and behaviors. There is no right answer but there are basic principles we always follow.

#1-Know how you got to this point in your life

#2-know where you are at right now

#3-know where you want to go.

Those are big questions to answer so guidance is imperative.

At Nutrition1st we believe what we measure, we can improve and this is where the objective expertise of a coach can help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. If you would like to learn more about our approach, just go to our website and sign up for your free phone consultation so we can answer any questions you have and start working on becoming the healthiest version of you.

~Coach Brant

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