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A Conversation with Future You!

As you’re getting dressed to go to your annual check up, you look in the mirror and think, “what happened?” I used to be athletic and skinny. Then your doctor walks in and tells you your blood work is a little off so it’s time to start taking a statin because your cholesterol is high. Your first thought “that’s it, I’m going to lose weight, get in shape and look like I did 20 years ago!” That afternoon you go to the grocery store and buy all the healthy food you can find, then you go home to make a healthy meal, but go for a run before making dinner. You only make it a few blocks and then you have to walk but you’ll go farther tomorrow morning at 6:00am. Everything is going to change! You haven’t even decided what success looks like and your starting off with 5 major behavior changes in the first week. A week later you are exhausted because you have been getting up early to go running, trying to meal prep for you and your family, and work is even more busy than ever. Then it get a pain in your foot so you can’t run, you forget to order the groceries so it’s just easier to go through the drive through after your 11:00am meeting. That’s it, just like that you are back to your old habits because they are comfortable, easy and have been a part of your life for as long as you can remember.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You don't have to worry - We understand and we can help!

Maybe it’s your 20th reunion coming up or you find out you are prediabetic or your oldest daughter is getting married or it was as simple as you see a picture of yourself and think, “what happened to me, when did I get fat?” My point is this, something happens and you become motivated to make a change so you do the only thing you know how to do, change everything you have ever heard that will supposedly make you healthy at once! The statistics of this working and actually leading to a long term change in your habits and ultimately improving your health are not only in the single digits, it’s less than 5%. I don’t like those odds, especially if i’m playing with my life.

Have you heard the phrase, enjoy the process, well that couldn’t be any more fitting than when you're trying to make major behavior changes in your life. You need a system that you can apply to the motivation you have cultivated from this major “ahh ha” moment in your life. This is a huge point in your life because you know a change is necessary to see your kids grow up or play catch with the grandkids someday or simply be comfortable with your own body. Let’s capture that momentum and build on it, use that life changing event to actually change your life.

This is where we look at change from a different perspective, start with the end in mind. Yes that means setting goals and knowing what outcome you want from the whole process but what it ultimately means is taking a hard look at how you got to this point in your life? This is the first step everyone skips over because it’s uncomfortable. You have to look at the compounding choices you made over months and years that eventually led you to the most unhealthy point in your life. It’s usually pretty eye opening and even a little ugly. Who we are is a result of the choices we have made throughout our lives so who we want to become is simply dictated by making a series of different choices over time, but we can’t forget one simple step...who do we want to become? This is where we take a deep look at your outcome goal, the sum of all the new behaviors that will transform you into the best version of yourself. This is where your coach systematically challenges you and guides you to implement the behaviors necessary to move you towards your goal.

By following proven principles of behavior change, your new behaviors become habits and those small habits evolve you into the person you want to become. Only you know who that person is but we can help you figure that out through our coaching process and help you implement these changes consistently and effectively over time. That equals long term behavior change and sustainable results for a lifetime. Maybe that big life event just happened to you and you’re ready to make a change, you can see the best version of yourself but you need a little help getting there. Maybe you don’t even know what healthy looks like to you? Well we can help with that but you have to make a big step and commit to it. You can’t just want it, you have to live it. It has to be a part of you! You have to be the change you want to see. It’s not a diet, it’s not the latest fad to lose 20 pounds. It’s a process of change that leads to the person you want to be. Do it systematically and with guidance just like any big step in your life. Are you ready to go? Future you will thank you when you get there, so don’t be in a rush!

Eat Well, Live Well

~Coach Brant

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