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"When 10 or 20 people commit to improving their health they can all help each other with accountability and if everyone is getting healthier it will improve their productivity, energy and efficiency."

Join our Small Group or Business Nutrition Reset Program and kick start your healthy habits today. This 6 week program is designed to provide support, education, and motivation to help you and your peers get back on track. 

The goal of the challenge is to help people understand how much of a difference eating healthy can make in their lives. The simple method we use makes eating healthy time efficient and the support we provide helps people be successful. 



(Q) How much is it? 

A) It’s $119 per person and that includes:

Virtual Kick off and wrap up meetings

  • A Quick Start Guide 

  • (2) 3 Compartment food quantity measurement containers

  • Visual Assessment Infographic

  • Suggested Foods List 

  • Meal Prep Guide

  • Sample One week meal plan 

  • Pre and Post body composition measurements

  • Weekly tips/strategies videos and emails

  • Private FB Reset page

  • Additional support through email, phone or text

(Q) Is there a winner at the end of the 6 weeks? 

(A) We don’t typically designate a winner but we take two kinds of measurements at the start of the challenge and the end to show people their progress. We use a bio-impedance scale that gives us body composition and what’s called a waist-hip measurement ratio as a determinant of overall health. 

  • If your group wants a winner we could design it as a challenge using those measurements. Prizes could be determined for several categories so it’s not just based on body composition. 

(Q) Do we get told exactly what to eat in the challenge?  

  • (A) No, you get a sample meal plan for a week to help with ideas but we believe you have to teach people how to plan, prepare, and cook healthy meals so it becomes a lifestyle.

(Q) What if people don’t want to participate in the challenge at my office? 

  • (A) We don’t think you should force someone to do it because they won’t get anything out of it. If the majority of the office is doing it then they will be curious and either want to join later or will at least learn from the example other people are setting. 

(Q) How do we pay for it?

  • (A) We will send you a PayPal invoice through their email.

(Q) How long does the initial meeting/final meeting take?

  • (A) 0-45 minutes and we can come at lunch time or before/after work.

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