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24/7 Online Support
Weekly check-ins with your coach keep you on track.  
You get to eat what you love.  The beauty of a plan like this is that you can fit in all your favorite foods.  You can't eat as much as you want, whenever you want, but you can make it a part of your plan, so you don't have to worry about missing out on your favorites!
You will get access to a private Facebook group with people that are motivated to make a change in their life as well.  Share your triumphs, favorite recipes, tips and tricks that helped you, and support others through their challenges.  
Knowing how to eat healthy shouldn't be complicated 
Feeling unhealthy is no fun. Don't stay confused. Get the results you want. Look good and feel good.


Our nutrition program combines proven strategies from a Precision Nutrition certified coach that produce behavior changes to create habits that will last a lifetime.


We design a program for you that revolves around real food and gives you boundaries not restrictions so you can enjoy social events, trips and life. NO foods are off limits. We will work with you to develop an individualized nutrition plan, designed to fit your lifestyle and enable you to reach your health and fitness goals. Your program won't make you change your lifestyle to "fit it in" but rather allow you to make it fit YOUR lifestyle.

About Us

Meet Your Coach

Brant Bermudez

"At Nutrition1st we don't use the word diet. We believe it's a relationship with food and learning what works best for you to achieve your goals, it's your nutrition plan. That is why we treat each person as an individual, providing boundaries but not restrictions. No foods are off limits with your plan so there is no guilt around food, just results."

The Team


Client Experience

Going through the nutrition program was a period of "nutrition enlightenment", all of the preconceived ideas and opinions I had about what foods were healthy and what my daily nutrition needs were, were completely debunked. Once I started with the nutrition program I saw tangible results in my weight, body composition, and performance on a weekly basis and the support from the nutrition coach (thank you Brant) just spurred me on further to get the most out of the program



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